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Washington Apple Health Eligibility Overview

Apple Health for Kids (N11, N31): This program provides CN coverage to children under age 19 whose families have income at or below . 210 percent of the FPL. Children who would have been eligible for Apple Health for Kids had they met immigration status requirements receive CN coverage under state-funded Apple Health for Kids.

Official Site: www.hca.wa.gov

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Family Planning Billing Guide

Washington residents. Washington Apple Health is the name used in Washington State for Medicaid, the children's health insurance program (CHIP), and state-only funded health care programs. Washington Apple Health is administered by the Washington State Health Care Authority. ∗ This publication is a billing instruction.

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From: hca.wa.gov

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Eligibility overview for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid

The number of people eligible for Apple Health increased significantly with higher income limits. Others who had previously qualified but not enrolled also obtained coverage. By 2018, nearly 600,000 new enrollees were receiving Apple Health for Adults coverage. How to use this guide What is Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)?

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Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) Programs

The number of people eligible for Apple Health increased significantly with higher income limits. Others who had previously qualified but not enrolled also obtained coverage in 2014. By November 2014, nearly 480,000 new enrollees had received Apple Health for Adults coverage in Washington State. This guide gives an overview of eligibility

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Molina Healthcare of Washington

Apple Health Medicaid Apple Health Family/Pregnancy Medical (AHFAM) Apple Health Blind Disabled (AHBD) Apple Health Adult Coverage (AHAC) Apple Health with Premium (AHPREM) Apple Health Foster Care (AHFC) Private Duty Nursing X (children age 17 and younger) Hospice Care X Hospitalization X Immunizations/ Vaccines X

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Washington Apple Health Application for Long Term Care

Washington Apple Health Application for Long-Term Care/Aged, Blind, Disabled Coverage. Use this application to see what health living care coverage you qualify for if: • You need to apply for Long-Term Care Services (nursing home care, assisted facility, adult family home or in-home care programs)

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January 7, 2021

coverage (personal communication, Health Care Authority (HCA), January 2020).8 • Under Apple Health, individuals who are pregnant or postpartum and meet income-eligibility may qualify for coverage under an Apple Health for Pregnant Women plan, regardless of immigration status.7 HCA specifies that, “once enrolled in Apple Health for

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Washington Apple Health Enrollees 7 Washington Health Benefit Exchange Enrollment Report - COVERAGE Spring 2019 Yakima 93,823 Whitman 6,750 Whatcom 44,212 Walla Walla 13,544 Wahkiakum 928 Thurston 53,067 Stevens 11,580 Spokane 128,450 Snohomish 131,134 Skamania 1,886 Skagit 28,663 San Juan 2,895 Pierce 180,018 Pend Oreille 3,515 Pacific 5,219

Download: HBE_EB_190531_Spring-2019-Enrollment-Report_190530_FINAL_Rev2.pdf

From: wahbexchange.org

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Individual Health Insurance in Washington State

individual insurance. Apple Health now provides free coverage to individuals and families with annual incomes below 138% of the Federal Poverty Level ($16,243 for an individual, $33,465 for a family of four in 2015).1 If you are eligible, you can keep employer or …

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How Medicare and Medicaid work together in Washington state

• Washington Apple Health is an umbrella term or “brand name” for all Washington state medical assistance programs, including Medicaid. o The Health Care Authority (HCA) administers most Washington Apple MN provides slightly less health care coverage than CN and

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Session Two

Adult family members may have the commercial Qualified Health Plan – and the children may be enrolled in Apple Health (Medicaid) Patients may not understand the difference or realize that they need to provide up to date coverage information every time they obtain care Medicaid Managed care plans just entering the commercial market may

Download: 348-460-SessionTwo-ProviderContractsProviderNetworksCommercialMedicaidPlans.pdf

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Molina Healthcare of Washington (MHW) Benefits Index

Apple Health Integrated Managed Care (IMC) Apple Health State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), Apple Health IMC Family/Pregnancy Medical (IMC-AHFAM), Apple Health Adult IMC (IMC-AHA), Apple Health Blind Disabled IMC (IMC-AHBD) Behavioral Health Services Only (BHSO) X = Not covered, part of the Medicaid physical health benefit

Download: 1734-2102_2021-IMC-and-BHSO-Benefit-Index_508c.pdf

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Estimated Impact of COVID 19 on Washington State's Health

through the qualified health plans provided by the Washington Health Benefit Exchange) were small. On the other hand, the low uninsured rate for the May 2021 cohort is the result of a much smaller number of unemployment claims and a continued growth in Medicaid and individual coverage. (Figure 3a and Figure 3b) 8.1. 65.0. 5.8. 1.9. 8.4. 0.9. 0

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From: ofm.wa.gov

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Employee Benefit Guide

Comprehensive and preventive health care coverage is important in protecting you and your family from the financial risks of unexpected illness and injury. Our District offers you a choice of a variety of plans and plan styles. All plans cover most of the same benefits but your out-of …

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Your Medical and Behavioral Health Benefit Book 2021

Welcome to Community Health Plan of Washington and Washington Apple Health Welcome! You are receiving this handbook because you recently enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). Community Health Plan of Washington works with Apple Health to provide your coverage. This handbook will provide more detail about your covered benefits.

Download: CHPW-Medical-and-Behavioral-Health-Benefit-Handbook-2021.pdf

From: chpw.org

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Medicaid Coverage for Children Hospitalized 30 Days

Medicaid Coverage for Children Hospitalized 30 Days A child in a hospital for 30 days in a row (or longer) is almost always eligible for the Washington Apple Health (WAH) Long Term Family Medical Program. Parents’ income is not a factor. Eligibility of children for Washington Apple Health (WAH) Long Term

Download: medicaid-for-hospitalized-children-2016-03-292.pdf

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Certified on 12/30/2019 WAC 182 523 0100 Page 1

WAC 182-523-0100 Washington apple health—Medical extension. (1) A parent or caretaker relative who was eligible for and who re-ceived coverage under Washington apple health for parents and caretak-er relatives, described in WAC 182-505-0240, in any three of the last six months is eligible, along with all dependent children living in

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Qualified Health Plans

If you do not have health insurance , or your insurance does not cover care your needs, you might have options. You may be able to get free insurance: Apple Health (Washington Apple Health). Read Health Care Reform – General Information. Read this only if you live in the state of Washington.

Download: 5708en_health-care-reform-qualified-health-plans.pdf

From: washingtonlawhelp.org

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Part A or B of Title XVIII of the Social Security Act; WAC

WAC 182-505-0250 Washington apple health—MAGI-based adult medi-cal. (1) Effective on or after January 1, 2014, a person is eligible for Washington apple health (WAH) modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)-based adult coverage when he or she meets the following re-quirements: (a) Is age nineteen or older and under the age of sixty-five;

Download: default.aspx?cite=182-505-0250&pdf=true

From: apps.leg.wa.gov

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Early Support for Infants & Toddlers

SOPAF FAMILY COST PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES (Version 7/13/13) Guidelines 14-C – Page 4 14.C.3. Guidelines For Use Of Apple Health For Kids/Medicaid Or Private Health Care Coverage/Insurance (a) Families whose children are enrolled in …

Download: FamilyCostParticipationGuidelines.pdf

From: dcyf.wa.gov

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PE1146 Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Services

Patient and Family Education 1 of 3 Insurance Coverage for Mental Health Services . What is different about coverage for mental health Medicaid (Washington Apple Health) so my child can come to Children’s? We . cannot . do this. Children’s is a contracted provider with Medicaid and

Download: PE1146.pdf

From: seattlechildrens.org

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FS 0033 System of Payments and Fees Policy

(a) Public Health Care Coverage/Insurance (Apple Health for Kids/Medicaid) (b) Private Health Care Coverage/Insurance (c) Fees 14.B.4 Family Income and Expense Information (a) Prior to billing public or private insurance, families will be provided the ESIT System of Payment and Fees Policy.

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Dental providers accepting WA Apple Health for children

Public Health APRIL 2021. A. Dental providers accepting WASHINGTON APPLE HEALTH(Medicaid) for . CHILDREN living in King County For additional King County Dental R esource Lists, visit our websites . COVID-19 pandemic has required dental offices and clinics to change the way they provide care. You may see some changes at your child’s next

Download: pediatric-dental-providers.ashx

From: kingcounty.gov

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Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) Coverage for Telemedicine Services 4/16/2020 West Virginia West Virginia Medicaid Memo on Telehealth Modality for Physical, Occupational, or Speech therapy 3/20/2020 Wisconsin March 2020 Forward Health Update 03/2020 Wyoming

Download: telehealth-covid19-state-mandated-health-orders.pdf

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Apple Health (Medicaid) Insurance. Washington Apple Health enrollment is open year-round. Apply now or renew your health coverage.Your body. Your life. Protect both. Know your screening options. limited insurance If you are over income for Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), you may be eligible to purchase a low-cost private insurance through a

Download: CHAP-brochure.ashx

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Integrated Managed Care Member

Welcome to Amerigroup and Washington Apple Health . Welcome! You are receiving this handbook because you recently enrolled in Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). Amerigroup works with Apple Health to provide your coverage. This handbook will provide more detail about your covered benefits.

Download: wawa_caid_imcmemberhandbook.pdf

From: myamerigroup.com

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Part II American Rescue Plan Act: Savings and Tools

Health Insurance Premium Tax Credits, Cost-Sharing Reductions or Washington Apple Health”. •Continue through each page of the application and update details needed to apply for tax credits. •ESign and submit your application to receive updated eligibility. If you complete the above by May 1, 2021, Washington Healthplanfinder will

Download: HBE_ARPA-Webinar_Part-II_April_21_2021-FINAL-updated.pdf

From: wahbexchange.org

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UnitedHealthcare Apple Health plan and would like to visit Hall Health for mental health care, you can switch to Molina, Amerigroup, or Coordinated Care by calling the Health Care Authority at …

Download: Insurance-Booklet-2019.pdf

From: wellbeing.uw.edu

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H 0981.1 By Representatives Macri, Lekanoff, Thai, Jinkins

14 receiving health coverage through apple health, so young adults 15 without status age out of eligibility for apple health on their 16 nineteenth birthday; 17 (c) Washington is home to more than one million immigrants who go 18 to school, work, pay taxes, and contribute to our state's vibrant 19 economy.

Download: 1697.pdf

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3 1, 2015.16 So far, two states (New York and Minnesota) have implemented the Basic Health Plan, and have so far enrolled more than 500,000 individuals in coverage through the program. Additional states have expressed interest in this option: California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington

Download: 5-2-16 Basic Health Plan Report.pdf

From: cantwell.senate.gov

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Kaiser Permanente: 2020 Enrollment Guide, WA (English and

coverage runs from November 1, 2019, through December 15, 2019. • You can change or apply for coverage through Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Washington, or we can help you apply through Washington Healthplanfinder. • For coverage that starts on January 1, 2020, we must receive your Application for Health Coverage no later than December

Download: wa-healthplanfinder-enrollment.pdf

From: wa.kaiserpermanente.org

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Health Insurance Free and Low Cost WA Healthplanfinder

A new way to get health insurance: find a plan that fits your needs and budget. Find out if you are eligible for tax credits or financial help. Online applications at: wahealthplanfinder.org Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) … 1.800.562.3022 Statewide Health Insurance Benefit Advisors

Download: Health care resources brochure March 2020.pdf

From: clark.wa.gov

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Seattle Children’s Primary Care Principles for Child

Seattle Children’s Primary Care Principles for Child Mental Health By Robert Hilt, MD, program director, Partnership Access Line and Rebecca Barclay, MD, associate clinical program director,

Download: wa-pal-care-guide.pdf

From: seattlechildrens.org

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No denying it: At least $10 billion has been cut from the

that while thousands of children in Washington have lost their parents’ employer-provided health cover-age since the start of the recession, Apple Health and other public insurance programs have helped to fill the gap. As the graph shows, about 165,000 children in Washington lost employer-sponsored insurance from 2006-07 through 2009-10.

Download: no-denying-it-at-least-10-billion-has-been-cut-from-the-state-budget.pdf

From: budgetandpolicy.org

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Your 2021 Formulary

Coverage details Some drug classes in this formulary have additional/important coverage details. Review this list to see if drug classes that apply to you are noted. • Infertility Coverage is set by the consumer’s prescription drug benefit plan. Please consult plan documents regarding benefit coverage and cost-share.

Download: SignatureValue-3Tier-PDL-Jan-2021.pdf

From: uhc.com

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Get Lower Costs on Health Coverage

at the time you get health care, like going to the doctor. The amount you save depends on your income and family size. 3. Free coverage. Individuals with lower incomes qualify for free coverage, called Washington Apple Health (Medicaid). FS-13-008 Rev. 09/2015 Tax credits lower the cost of …

Download: hbe_pt_150910_lower_costs_fact_sheet-1.pdf

From: plu.edu

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for a Qualified Health Plan, tax credits, or free coverage through Washington Apple Health. Medicare Medicare is federal health insurance for people 65 or older, or under the age of 65 on Social Security Disability Income, or diagnosed with certain diseases. Get free, unbiased Medicare counseling through the Statewide Health

Download: 07-RR-HealthInsuranceInfo-200106.pdf

From: storemultisites.blob.core.windows.net

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All questions and include all EIP Client ID Number

• WA State Health Care Authority (Apple Health) • All EIP contracted Providers • System Software Vendor. By signing this document, I agree that I have read this application, certify that the inform ation in this application is true and accurate to income, address, family size and health insurance coverage. 9. Apply for other services

Download: 430-024-ShortEIPApplicationJuly2017.pdf

From: doh.wa.gov

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Washington State Register, Issue 21 01 WSR 21 01 012 WSR

WAC 182-531-1675 Washington apple health—Gen - der affirming interventions for gender dysphoria ((treat-ment program )). (1) Overview of (( the gender dysphoria )) treatment program. (a) Medicaid agency coverage. The medicaid agency …

Download: 21-01PROP.pdf

From: app.leg.wa.gov

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2016 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment and

health planning in Washington, Southwest Washington, and Cowlitz County. 2013 CHNA The problem of health care access and lack of insurance coverage was identified in all PeaceHealth communities in 2013 as a major need and was therefore chosen as a major focus area in our 2013 CHNA implementation plans.

Download: PH_SJMC.Cowlitz CHNA 2016.pdf

From: peacehealth.org

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H 0290.1 By Representatives Thai, Bateman, Ryu, Lovick

19 (3) Washington state has a long history of working toward equity 20 in immigrant health coverage. The state's basic health program 21 successfully covered low-income residents without regard to H-0290.1 HOUSE BILL 1191 State of Washington 67th Legislature 2021 Regular Session

Download: 1191.pdf

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the Apple Health Gender Dysphoria Treatment Program: Current Policy: (5) (a) (i) Be age eighteen years or older. Suggested Change: (5)(a)(i) Have reached the age of medical consent or have parental or guardian permission as outlined in Washington State law or relevant jurisdiction’s law. We all want the same thing for older teens experiencing

Download: CIHC-Apple-Health-WAC-1825-31-1675.pdf?1530672591

From: d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net

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Provider Quick Reference Card

Mental health Prior authorization is not required for network providers requesting most outpatient behavioral health (BH) services. Call Provider Services at 1-800-454-3730 and say mental health at the first voice prompt for clinical assistance if mental health …

Download: WAWA_QRC.pdf?v=202011061703

From: provider.amerigroup.com

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Medicare, Federal Employees Health Benefit, Cigna, Anthem, and United cover and reimburse for breast tomosynthesis in all 50 states. Updated 03/03/17 Illinois BlueCross BlueShield Illinois Community Care Alliance (IL) Family Health Network Harmony Health Health Alliance (IL) IlliniCare Health Illinois Medicaid Meridian Health Plan of Illinois

Download: Hologic Reimbursement Coverage Map 3-3-17.pdf

From: medstaff.hoag.org

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Cobra Enrollment Form

I, on behalf of myself and my family members listed on this Form, if any, agree to be bound by the benefits, co-payments, deductibles, exclusions, limitations and other terms and conditions of the Group health plan documents, including the Evidence of Coverage. I have reviewed the statements on this form and they are true and correct. The Health

Download: sb-cobra-enrollment-form-ca.pdf

From: account.kp.org

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Proof of Qualifying Life Event Form Kaiser Permanente

drop coverage or benefts for you, your spouse, or dependent family member and the date this coverage ended or will end. contributing to the cost of coverage and the date this contribution ended or will end. stating when your COBRA coverage ended or will end. no longer eligible to …

Download: sep-trigger.pdf

From: wa.kaiserpermanente.org

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Preferred In Network Laboratories

Health District Snohomish Drive-Thru. 3020 Rucker Ave - Parking Lot Everett, WA 98201 (866) 697-8378. Hoyt PSC. 4225 Hoyt Ave Suite E Everett, WA 98203 (425) 252-1112. Mill Creek Everett PSC. 12800 Bothell Everett Hwy Everett, WA 98208 (425) 337-0115. Mill Creek Mill Creek Family Practice. 1025 153Rd St SE Suite 200 Mill Creek, WA 98012 (425

Download: ProviderDirectoryListing?state=WA&lob=InNetLabs&Language=1033&bid=InNetworkLabs

From: providersearch.molinahealthcare.com

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FAQ Washington Apple Health Family Coverage

What is washington apple health?

Washington Apple Health is an umbrella term or "brand name" for all Washington State medical assistance programs, including Medicaid. The brand name may be shortened to "Apple Health." The Health Care Authority (HCA) administers most Washington Apple Health programs.

What is apples health insurance?

Apple Health (Medicaid) coverage. In Washington State, Medicaid is called Apple Health. Apple Health provides preventative care, like cancer screenings, treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure, and many other health care services.

What is apples health?

Apples are a healthy fruit to eat daily. They may decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and asthma, according to Cornell researchers who published a study in "Nutrition Journal" in 2004. Phytochemicals in apples act as antioxidants that may inhibit cancer cells, lower cholesterol,...

Is molina apple health medicaid?

Molina Healthcare Medicaid provides quality no-cost health for your family. Find out more about your health plan, what’s covered and the many programs we offer you and your family. Apple Health Medicaid. Molina Healthcare's Apple Health Medicaid health plan provides quality no-cost medical coverage for your family.

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