Louisiana School Based Health Clinics

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Louisiana Medicaid School Based Health Center Presentation

The state’s comprehensive health plan is based on a primary care case management model. In most cases the recipient is linked to a PCP. CommunityCARE/KIDMED Referrals OPH certified SBHC’s are excluded from the CommunityCARE /KIDMED referral requirement for children 10 yrs and older BUT they MUST coordinate services with the PCP. A CommunityCARE/KIDMED referral IS required for children

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Louisiana: MCO Required to Contract with SBHCs

• Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs); • Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) (free-standing and hospital based); and • Louisiana State University safety net hospitals. 7.7.12. School-Based Health Clinics (SBHCs) SBHC (certified by the DHH Office of Public Health) services are those Medicaid services provided within school

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How to Establish A Rural Health Clinic In Louisiana

rural health clinics, small rural hospitals, school-based health centers, and public health units. The Bureau is committed to developing strong community partnerships and integrated primary health care services in order to reduce health disparities across Louisiana. The Bureau works to ensure a sustainable health care system that

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Louisiana's Federally Qualified Health Centers

ACCESS HEALTH LOUISIANA John Ehret School Based Health Center Mental Health Services 4300 Patriot St MARRERO 70072 985-785-7145 ACCESS HEALTH LOUISIANA Bonnabel High School Mental Health Services KENNER 70065 985-785-5871 ACCESS HEALTH LOUISIANA Warren Easton Wellness Center 3036 Iberville St. NEW ORLEANS 70119 504-324-7880

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Louisiana's Federally Qualified Health Centers

ACCESS HEALTH LOUISIANA Riverdale High School Based Health Center 240 Riverdale Dr JEFFERSON 70121 985-785-7145 Jefferson ACCESS HEALTH LOUISIANA Cohen College Prep School Based Wellness Center 3520 Dryades St NEW ORLEANS 70115 504-301-9023 Orleans BATON ROUGE PRIMARY CARE COLLABORATIVE, INC.

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Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership Provider

Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership Mental Health Rehabilitation Agency & Behavioral Health Clinics The provider shall develop, implement and maintain training policy, procedures and (Practice limited to school-based settings). Certified School Psychologists, Certified School Counselors, and Licensed Master of

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Health centers (SBHCs)

purposes are reflected in three basic models for school-based health centers: a medical home model, a public health model, and an add-on model. Under a medical home model, school-based health centers are identified as. providers of primary care and preventive services. Funding the centers is viewed

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Economic Evaluation of School Based Health Centers

For the purpose of this review, SBHCs were defined as clinics that provide health services to students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 and may be offered onsite (i.e., school-based centers) or offsite (i.e., school-linked centers).9 SBHCs are often established in schools that serve predominantly low-income communities and

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Medicaid in Schools

the 2013–2014 National School-Based Health Care Census, about 88 percent of the 2,315 school -based health centers in the United States have such an affiliation (SBHA 2017). The remainder are operated by local school systems (SBHA 2017). SBHCs can receive Medicaid payment for state plan services provided to Medicaid -enrolled children, if the

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Louisiana State law (R.S. 17:170) requires proper immunization documentation on all students upon entry to school. Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide (LINKS) is a statewide, web-based immunization tracking system, which replaced over 30 years of “pink cards,” collected statewide in public health. It is preferable

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Telehealth Training for Mental Health Clinicians Working

Based on her teaching efforts, she was awarded the Dr. Allen A. Copping Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2019. Her research interests include ethical issues in counseling and supervision. Prior to teaching, Dr. Camelford was a professional school counselor at a local parochial high school in New Orleans, and a private practitioner.

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Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Bureau of

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals . Bureau of Primary Care and Rural Health . School Based Health Centers. Technical assistance/types of development activities: Development and Sustainability of other health care safety net clinics. This includes work with any provider that serves the Medicaid, Medicare and

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Rural Health Clinics School Based Health Centers Linkages of Professional Individuals to Groups – a professional individual’s provider number can Louisiana Medicaid Program as an Individual Physician provider: Completed Document Name 1. Completed Individual Louisia** na Medicaid PE-50 Provider Enrollment Form.

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School-Based Health Center Sites (SBHC) 2. Operating Centers for 1997-1998; New Centers for 1998-1999. 3. Highlights of 1997-1998. 4. 1997-1998 SBHC Summary Statistics. 5. A Look at Louisiana's Children. 6. Development of School-Based Health Care in Louisiana. 8. A Look Back: Three Year Comparison Since 1995. 9. Louisiana Standards for SBHCs. 10

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Vol 3, Ch. 8, Health and Human Services

based health care centers in the New Orleans metropolitan area, including: • 35 primary health care clinics (18 in Orleans Parish) • 15 behavioral health clinics • 4 dental clinics • 4 school-based health clinics.20 15 DeSalvo, Karen, et al. “Health Care Infrastructure in …

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GREATER BATON ROUGE AREA Referral Resource Guide and

www.cahsd.org • www.realhelpbr.com GREATER BATON ROUGE AREA Referral Resource Guide and Primary Care & Behavioral Health Services Directory 2017

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Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center School

School’s Clinics Increased revenue to the School’s Practice Plan 1 Goal III, Objective 3.1, Strategies 3.1.1 - 3.1.3 Objective 3.3, Strategies 3.3.1-3.3.4 4.2 Increase rehabilitation services in the School of Allied Health Professions Development Center Work with Schools of Medicine and Dentistry work with to identify needs for allied

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Locations and phone numbers

School-Based Health Centers . 26. School-Based Health Center - Harlandale ISD Collier Elem., 834 W. Southcross • 210-644-1500 School-Based Health Center - San Antonio ISD Davis MS, 4702 E. Houston St. • 210-644-2050 . 28. School-Based Health Center - San Antonio ISD Tafolla MS, 1303 W. Cesar E. Chavez • 210-644-2000 School-Based Health

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Partners in Access: School School Based Health Centers

school-based health centers in developing proactive, interagency problem-solving and technical assistance to address policy barriers and build the health centers’ capacity. In Illinois, for example, state-funded public aid agents are deployed to school-based health centers to help staff develop enrollment and billing expertise.

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testing including testing at two school based clinics in each of the nine health regions of the state Summary of Findings: • Existing outline of priority testing • Provision of detailed testing for who, when, and where • There is NO gold standard for testing and the …

Download: June-COVID-Task-Force-Subcommittee-Reports.pdf?fbclid=IwAR00GlvB8HrmW_Lo1YQoyFa0SfV9o-B3uAINdJ9dRdfGj3LnyUQHsH0jbyI

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About 504HealthNet

About 504HealthNet 504HealthNet is a network of healthcare providers across Orleans, Jefferson, Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes. Our providers independently operate more than 50 service locations, ranging

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Louisiana Medicaid MCO Association

Value to the Community Support of over 2300 local organizations –millions in grants to Louisiana’s community and faith based agencies Community Health Grants program to battle food insecurity Programs to increase access to healthy foods for SNAP families Free health clinics for no cost vision and dental services Wellness program for at risk teen girls

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CAHSD Board Meeting

The Advocate Coverage There was an Advocate article highlighting West Feliciana school-based health clinics that mentioned the MOU with CAHSD‟s School-Based Therapy Program. The SAMHSA Primary Care grant press release was published in the electronic version of the Baton Rouge Health Journal.

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I. EMERGENCY RULES Children and Family Services Health and

Rehabilitation Clinics Physical and Occupational Therapies Reimbursement Rate Increase (LAC 50:XI.301 and 303) ..919 School Based Health Centers Rehabilitation Services Reimbursement Rate Increase (LAC 50:XV.9141)..920

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Mapping Adolescent Reproductive Health Care in Ouachita …

Health systems assessments were conducted with area hospitals, community health clinics, health care providers, and one school-based health center (SBHC). Providers were recruited through three means: 1. The LPHI project team developed an initial pool of potential providers (nine in Ouachita Parish) by requesting a list from the Louisiana State

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Online American Humanics Certification Development of an

Kellogg Grant evaluation for the Louisiana Association of School Based Health Clinics Interviews of TANIF recipients for the LSU School of Social Work and Louisiana Department of Human Services The Impact of American Humanics Certification on Employment of undergraduates. Author:

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•Louisiana Rural Health Association •At the scene of an accident, school clinics, etc. POLLING QUESTION 1 •A RHC is required to submit a UB-04 to primary Medicare for RHC professional services. What site of •Is a provider based or freestanding rural health clinic

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The mission of the PNP Program is to prepare graduates who can deliver primary health care in school based health clinics, private pediatric practices, and public health pediatric practice sites across the state to provide quality health interventions for infants, toddlers, school aged children, and adolescents.


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schools across Southeast Louisiana, school-based virtual care in 30 schools, pilot programs for in-school behavioral health services in nine schools, COVID-19 support for 130+ schools, and a statewide collaboration with the Louisiana Department of Education to …

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Leveraging Medicaid Services In Schools

Louisiana Medicaid State Plan Amendment LA 15-0019 Submitted July 17, 2015 requested effective date July 1, 2015 CMS approved October 8, 2015 Expanded school-based nursing services by removing the IEP requirement. School corporations submit claims and receive interim rates on a per unit of service, per visit basis throughout the year. During a year-end cost settlement process, the state

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Sex Education Laws in the States

Authorizes local school boards to establish school-based health clinics. Parental consent is required before students receive school-based health clinic services. Parental consent to contraceptive services and condom distribution must be specific, in writing and maintained in the student's health records.

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Health Care Centers in Schools

Istrouma High School, Glen Oaks High School, Capitol High School, and Northeast Elementary School) and coordinating the school nurse program for the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board. These programs are funded by grants received from the State of Louisiana Office of Public Health as well as various other revenues. 2.

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Alabama Medicaid Administrative Costs, Funding and Recoveries

quality of care and health outcomes. Meaningful Use incentive payments to physicians and hospitals totaled $24.2 million for FY 2015 at 100% federal match. Meaningful Use Administration - facilitates incentive payments to expand the use of health information technology in the health care field. • 90/10 federal match

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Hepatitis B Vaccination of Adolescents — California

Louisiana In 1992, a voluntary, school-based vaccination program, with free vaccine provided to students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades and special education classes, was initiated in a middle school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This school has an on-site health clinic with a full-time nurse. A total of 654 students aged 10–16 years were

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CURRICULUM VITAE Pennington Biomedical

federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs) and associated school-based health clinics. The work will be conducted in collaboration with Access Health Louisiana, a FQHC operating in the New Orleans area. Dr. Staiano led PBRC’s collaborative work, and Dr. Broyles assisted with

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09A Department of Health and Hospitals

based mental health and substance abuse service supports for children, adolescents and their families (includes school-based, in-home, Inter-agency Service Coordinator (ISC), respite and other intensive men-tal health and substance abuse supports as well as regular outpatient services).

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CONTENTS January 2015

Bulletin 741 Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators (LAC 28:CXV.339 and 1103)..7 Health and Hospitals Bureau of Health Services Financing Applied Behavior Analysis-Based Therapy Services

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Access Health Louisiana

patient service revenue for the provision of medical, behavioral, and dental health services through community health centers, school-based wellness centers, and specialty service clinics located in southeastern Louisiana across seven parishes, including Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St.

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Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants – 2016

Corbin and Grace CHC Pineville clinics to 10 school-based health centers as well as two Baptist Health primary care sites in rural Kentucky. KY Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation $343,600 To provide a telemedicine network for greater access to primary care services, behavioral health, and other specialty services. LA Louisiana Primary Care

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Title V MCH Block Grant Program LOUISIANA

role in the state’s high rates of poor birth outcomes. Based on this information, Louisiana will address the percent of women with a past year preventive medical visit (NPM 1), in alignment with the Priority Need to improve access to and quality of primary care, reproductive health, and specialty clinical services including care coordination.

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I. EMERGENCY RULES Agriculture and Forestry Education

Office of Behavioral Health—School-Based Health Services (LAC 50:XV.Chapter 95 and XXXIII.Chapter 41) .. 2330 Professional Counselors Board of Examiners—Requirements, Fees, and …

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Louisiana's RepoRt CaRd on physiCaL aCtivity & heaLth foR

heart study and from the Bogalusa school-based health clinics showed that between 1973-1974 and 2008-2009, the rate of overweight children and adolescents doubled (8.6% to 17.6%), and the rate of obesity increased five and one-half times (5.6% to 30.8%). n 2009, the rate of i overweight or obese children and adolescents reached 48%.

Download: 17341_2010 LA Report Card Summary-web.pdf

From: pbrc.edu

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Greater Baton Rouge Area Referral Resource Guide and

Greater Baton Rouge Area Referral Resource Guide and Primary Care and Behavioral Health Services Directory 2015 www.cahsd.org • www.realhelpbr.com

Download: 2015_CAHS_Resource_Guide.pdf

From: cahsd.org

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09A Department of Health and Hospitals

based mental health and substance abuse service supports for children, adolescents and their families (includes school-based, in-home, Inter-agency Service Coordinator (ISC), respite and other intensive men-tal health and substance abuse supports as well as regular outpatient services).

Download: 09a_department_of_health_and_hospitals.pdf

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Brushing Up on Children’s Oral Health in Louisiana: A Policy Brief, supra n. 5, at 6-7 (Describing that most school health clinics, which are “ideal settings to address health needs,” do not have access to dentists, and recommending an increase in the number of school-based dental programs in Louisiana). 8 Federal Trade Commission Act, 15

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41st Annual Rural Health Conference May 9 11, 2018 New

41st Annual Rural Health Conference May 9-11, 2018 New Orleans, Louisiana Wednesday, May 9, 2018 7 – 8 a.m. Breakfast Room: Bissonet/Carondelet (3rd Floor) 8 - 9:15 a.m.

Download: 2018-AC-Agenda-Final_2.pdf

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CONTENTS August 2012

Bulletin 741 Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators—School Food Service (LAC 28:CXV.2103) 2051 Bulletin 746 Louisiana Standards for State Certification of …

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Eliminating Syphilis Orleans Parish (New Orleans), Louisiana

• Orleans Parish School-Based STD Clinics arean initiative by the Louisiana Office of Public Health with Louisiana State University and seven local senior high schools working together to control sexually transmitted infections among youth.

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